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professional website design team Singapore

Before you hire a website developer in Singapore, make sure that you negotiate with them to offer you some of the free items that most web developers and agencies in Singapore provide.

professional website design team Singapore

In this blog post, we have shared some of the common yet useful items that most Singapore web developers provide with their website design packages:

#1 Free logo design

Most website makers and companies in Singapore provide logo design as a free service with their website packages. So, if you are hiring a developer to make a website, ask them for this gift.

#2 Web hosting (for 1st year)

Not all, but many website design agencies in Singapore also offer free web hosting (for the 1st year) to their clients as a part of their website development package. So, if you haven’t subscribed to any web hosting package yet, don’t worry, your web developer can arrange for you at no additional costs, when you hire them to build your website.

#3 Domain name (for 1st year)

Not just the web hosting, but many web developers in Singapore also include a free domain in their web development contract. From the second year, you may transfer the domain rights to yourself or you can pay your web developer to renew your domain and web hosting and continue with them. Most business owners don’t want to get into the hassles of handling domain and web hosting things, so they prefer their web developer to manage them.

#4 Security plugin installation

The security of a website is very crucial. Not all web developers include security plugin installation with their client’s websites. So, before you hire a web developer in Singapore, make sure to check with them about their arrangements to secure your website.

#5 SEO plugin installation

Another free item that a web developer can offer you is the installation of an SEO plugin with your website. SEO can help your website rank at noticeable positions in search engines that will further help your business get more clients & sales. With the help of an SEO plugin, you can define its meta tags such as title, description, and keywords. Most SEO plugins also enable you to create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to search engines like Google to index/crawl all the important pages of a website.

#6 Free support & maintenance

Last but not least, many website designers & developers provide free support/maintenance for a few months which could range from 1 month to 3 months. During this support period, your developer helps you fix any bugs or issues that may occur on the website after making it live. So, when you hire a website design agency or a developer in Singapore, ask for this free gift that will make your life easier after the website is launched. At Innomedia, we provide our clients with free 3-month support after the website’s launch. 

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